2019 Camburg Best In The Desert Current Standings

2019 Camburg – Current Standings as of 5/8/2019

The Camburg Best In The Desert award is given to the car/truck driver who has the fastest average speed for every mile of every race.  This award is presented by Camburg Engineering and will be given out at the Year-End Awards.

2018 Camburg Best In the Desert – Final Standings as of 12/4/2018 – Congratulations to Steve Olliges to finishing every mile the Fastest in 2018!

Drive FAST, Finish every mile and you can win the 2018 Camburg Best In The Desert award!

2017 Camburg Best In The Desert – Fastest Average Speed, Congratulation Jason Voss on winning 2 years in a row! – 12/5/2017

2016 Camburg Best In The Desert – Fastest Average Speed, congratulations Jason Voss !!! – 12/7/16