2019 Camburg Best In The Desert Current Standings

2018 Camburg Best In the Desert – Final Standings as of 12/4/2018 – Congratulations to Steve Olliges to finishing every mile the Fastest in 2018!

The Camburg Best In The Desert award is given to the car/truck driver who has the fastest average speed for every mile of every race.  This award is presented by Camburg Engineering and will be given out at the Year-End Awards.

Drive FAST, Finish every mile and you can win the 2018 Camburg Best In The Desert award!

2017 Camburg Best In The Desert – Fastest Average Speed, Congratulation Jason Voss on winning 2 years in a row! – 12/5/2017

2016 Camburg Best In The Desert – Fastest Average Speed, congratulations Jason Voss !!! – 12/7/16