2018 Class Points Summary

Be prepared for what you need to do to win a Class Championship!

You have one (1) throw-out race.  If you are racing for a Class Championship, you have to race all races, but again, we throw out one race.  We will automatically delete your lowest points when we calculate your Year-End Class Championship points, after the last race of the year.  A tie is determined by who wins the last race of the year.  Yes, you must START every race to be considered for a Class Champ, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Year-End Positions,  MCQ DO NOT have a throw-out race for 2018.

2018 Points Table – For 2018 Silver State & Pahrump will be double point races!

2018 Points Summary – Updated 8/30/18

2018 UTV Rookie – 8/30/18

2018 C/T Rookie – 8/30/18

Rookie of the Year – Criteria.  We now have a separate UTV Rookie of the Year award, if you meet the criteria log in by bitd@bitd.com, tell us DOR and race vehicle #, we will start to track you.  You must be entered for Rookie by May 5, we will not accept any more drivers after 5/5.  The award is for one (1) Driver, Driver of Record only. 1 CT rookie and 1 UTV Rookie…  You won’t see anything in print until after the Silver State race.

2017 Total Season Points – Final 12/5/2017

MCQ Points– Final Points with Bonus points 10/30/17 – This has no throw away, which is what the website says, sorry for any confusion.

CT Points – Final Points with Bonus points and throw away race 12/5/17

UTV Points – Final Points with Bonus points and throw away race 12/5/17

Camburg Champion – Fastest Average Speed for every mile of every race – Congratulations Jason Voss!

CT Rookie – Congratulations Brock Heger!

UTV Rookie – Congratulations Phil Blurton!

2017 Points Table – Pro & Expert Motorcycle/Quad and Pro Car/Truck/UTV Classes

2017 Points Table – Amateur Motorcycle/Quad Sportsman Classes, 10 less points than Pro or Experts

2016 Final Points