BlueWater Resort Parker “425” presented by Impact

Unofficial Top Ten from Race Two Best in the Desert  Bluewater Resort & Casino Parker “425” presented by Impact:

  1. Justin Matney #4   7:10:29
  2. Tracy Graf #58    7:12:52
  3. Andy McMillin #31   7:19:46
  4. Jason Voss #35  7:24:16
  5. Dan McMillin #23   7:28:12
  6. Corey Keysar #1520 7:30:04
  7. Gary Weyhrich #98  7:32:23
  8. Jon Walker #1589  7:46:15
  9. Jerry Whelchel #37  7:46:46
  10. Tim Herbst #19 7:54:44


Welcome racers to the 2016 Racing Season!   The BlueWater Parker “425” presented by Impact is February 4-7, 2016, start making your plans now!  The great BlueWater Parker “425”; it’s one of the most fun races on our schedule, our racers love Parker, AZ.  Read about new race format below (click on read more!)  New Race Format ~ 2 races!  IMPACT is giving an Accel Frontal Head Restraint to the winners of each class, DOR and Co-Driver.  Thank you Impact for your Sponsorship and awesome gift! 

The Best In The Desert office is closed, we are in Parker.  Please do not leave a message or email, we will not answer it.  If you have to delete your entry, please call 702-501-2155.  This # is only to delete an entry, we need to get you out of the scoring program by Friday afternoon, please call us.  This is NOT an information line, please do not call with questions.  If you have questions about the race please call the Parker Chamber of Commerce at 928-669-2174.

Entry List – (as of 2/2/16) 49 Trick Trucks, 36 Class 1000, 26 Class 6100, 28 Class 1500 and growing!  Good luck to all of our 2016 Racers!  49 Trick Trucks – Holy Cow!  That’s SO AWESOME!!!

Draw Order – 200 (2/2/16)

Thursday, February 4, 2016 – TIME TRIALS and  Downtown Experience – The Parker Area Chamber of Commerce presents the Parker “425” Downtown Experience with the 4th Annual NAPA Auto and Truck Parker Pit Crew Challenge.  The NAPA Pit Crew Challenge will be streamed live on, beginning at 5:30 pm. More info and for reserving your spot to compete contact Jim Beaver at (

Maps and GPS always posted 7 days out of ALL of our races.

Friday, February 5, 2016 – Registration, Tech & Contingency, Drivers Meeting

Saturday, February 6, 2016 – Race Day

Sunday, February 7, 2016 – Awards Presentation

Sunoco Order Form – Welcome Sunoco Race Fuels!  Sunoco Race Fuels is now the OFFICIAL FUEL of BITD!

Sunoco Free gas – Sunoco offering 5 free gallons of gas!

CT Rule Book – The 2016 Car/Truck rule book is now posted!  The fueling rule is here pg 19, helmets pg 21, please read.

Fueling Rule – Pit Crew Rules for fueling and other info

Schedule of Events

FIP – Final Information and rules and everything interesting about the race

1st Start – Diagram of 1st Start – new area (same area as BWDC)

Staging & Escort – to 2nd Start, Diagram

2nd Start – Diagram of 2nd Start, Stage near start line of (BWDC / 1st start area)  Escort to Calif Ave – be on time!  Listen to your radio if 1st start over we may call you early, be prepared to stage/start early…..  Staging right now is 12 noon!

Pit Book – the COMPLETE Pit Book!  Some changes from 2015 so make sure to make copies.

Dangers – there are more dangers but these are the ones Casey feels worth noting.  Please do not take yourself out on the high speed turns, we want you all to finish!

Contingency – Diagram

Contingency 2 – Staging and path TO Contingency – Diagram

Stay off Python – Set up your pits beginning 2/1/16 and Please Clean Your Pits (if you don’t do it, we have to and we’re tired)

Stay away Power Lines – please stay away from power lines and do not set up near power lines

Tire Rule – don’t leave your tires in the desert please!

Spectator Info – You can spectate on Shea Rd, or the “Y” at Bouse

Vendor – Business License – CRIT is asking to please fill this out early and send it in, they cannot take all of them when you get to Parker, fill this out now, please – ALL Vendors and ALL Contingency Sponsors must have a Business License.

2016 Ford Award – Ford Motor Company has announced the 2016 F-150 Ford EcoBoost Performance Award.  Thank you Ford for being the only vehicle manufacture involved in off-road desert racing, we appreciate your participation.  Racers, check this out and make sure to race a Ford to be eligible for the very generous Ford Award.  Support the people that support off-road desert racing!

Information Letter – 1st info for 2016 Parker “425”, more details come out in the FIP on draw day

CT Entry Form – this is fillable, type on it, download it and send in with $200 deposit

JS Entry Form

IRC – Order Form, all race vehicles must have the IRC Tracking device, you buy the bracket and rent the unit

BREAKING NEWS  (11/19/15) – The BlueWater Resort Parker “425” presented by Impact RACE FORMAT will change for 2016.  There will be two (2) starts, the early morning start will be for open wheel class vehicles and smaller cars/trucks, and the 2nd early afternoon start will be for the heavier weight class vehicles. We are making this change for SAFETY and feel this is the right change to make.   1st Start Staging 5 Am – Start 6 AM – First start will be a Gran Prix Finish for both 2 lap & 3 Lap.The Main Pit exit will close at 2:30 PM for first start.  Staging & Start will be at Parker Python.  To be considered a finisher you must get the checkered flag after the overall leader gets the checkered flag, regardless of # of laps.  

2nd Start Staging 12:15 PM – Start 1:30 PM – escort to start line is at 1:10 PM, Start 1:30 PM.  Staging will be at the Parker Python and the Start will be on Calif. Ave.  (Downtown Parker.)  2nd start is not a Gran Prix finish, Main Pit Exit will close at 10:30 PM, Finish Line will close at 1 AM.   You must complete all (3) laps to be considered a finisher.          COURSE DISTANCE ~ The course is 427-miles for (3) lap classes and 272-miles for (2) lap classes.

Baja Pits will be pitting at Pit 1-2-3-4, but GAS ONLY at Pit 2-3.  Midway (Pit 3) & Mineral Wash (Pit 4) are stationary pits.  If you go in for the first start (5 am) you will not be allowed out until the 2nd race is finished (Pit 4, approx 12 midnight)  Pit 3 1st Start, you can leave between 12:15-12:45pm.  There is no in and out of Pit 4, the in/out is a hot race course.

Impact Awards Parker 425 Winning Drivers, Co-Drivers and Crew with the Gift of Safety, visit:

Helicopter – registration Form, if you are going to have a helicopter follow you, you must register it and the Pilot must attend the Mandatory Helicopter Meeting, Friday 2/6 in the Mohave Rm/BlueWater

Just to be clear, Best In The Desert does not get one dime from IRC.  We do not take any “kickbacks” from IRC or our sponsors, including Turn Key.  We are very transparent.  We use IRC because we feel it is the safest system out there for our racers.  We track you and you have a “call button” if you need help.  The other systems do not have the “call button” and we feel this way you can reach us if you have an emergency.   You don’t like it until you need it, the ones that have used the emergency call button are very grateful they could report an emergency.  We feel we can get to our racers faster using IRC, and that is what is important; your safety.  Again, if your IRC does not ever work in any race, please contact IRC and they will honor their contract with you.

Thank you to Sam Baldi and Team Baldi for donating the snow fence and fence posts to BITD, we really appreciate your donation!

Important noticeDRONES WILL NOT BE ALLOWED AT ANY BITD EVENT.  If you are a media person and you fly a drone you will lose your press credentials.  If you are a pit crew or spectator and fly a drone the BLM Rangers will be sent to remove you from the area.  Please know Drones are VERY DANGEROUS to the safety of all concerned, people in the air and on the ground.

Minor Form – if you have a minor racing, 17 years or younger, please fill out this form, it must be notarized and bring it with you to registration on Friday.

BFG – Pit Support Letter

Support Crew – Insurance release form, have all the people with you and bring to registration, we will give you support crew arm bands

Membership Form – 2016 membership, all racers “in the race vehicle” must be members of Best In The Desert.  We are our own sanctioning body and you must belong to a sanctioning body to race.

Volunteer Form – want the best seat in the desert, think about being a volunteer for the great 2016 P425

Volunteer – Insurance release form, please download and send in with your form (2016)

Spectators and Schedule info – please call the Parker Chamber of Commerce at (928) 669-2174.  Spectators can go to Shea Road or the “Y” at the Road in Bouse, those are the two (2) BLM approved spectator designated areas!  Please stay off the course and be safe.

Vendor Information – If you want to be a VENDOR you must get a Vendor / Business License from CRIT, you can call 928-669-1336, the CRIT Dept of Revenue.  You must also log in with George Antill at  George needs to hold space for you, make arrangements at least 2-4 weeks in advance.  Order early

Vendor Info  – and Camp Information