Polaris RZR Mint 400 presented by BFGoodrich Tires

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The Polaris RZR Mint 400 presented by BFGoodrich Tires will be March 2-5, 2017.  This Epic Event is an event you don’t want to miss, make sure to save the date!  Check out theMint400.com site or MadMedia.com for up to the date info on the Mint 400 schedule of activities, spectator tickets and all upcoming news.  We look forward to seeing our great racers at the Polaris RZR Mint 400 presented by BFG March 2017!

Contingency – Diagram Off-Load and On-Load – The Symphony lot is for trucks & trailers only.  Absolutely NO single trucks without trailers. (2/23/17)

Contingency Route – Diagram – Absolutely no driving race vehicles on public streets without Police Escort!  (2/23/17)

Wednesday, February 15, 2017 – Draw day for start positions, get your entry forms in by February 13th please!  There is a limit of entries, enter early!  All entry forms received will be logged in by post mark and will be on a wait list.  We went to a wait list on 2/6/17.

Thursday, March 2, 2017 – Time Trials for Trick Trucks & Class 1500

Friday, March 3, 2017 – Registration, Technical Inspection & Contingency, Downtown Las Vegas

Saturday, March 4, 2017 – Race Day

Sunday, March 5, 2017 – Awards Presentation, Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino, Downtown Las Vegas

NV Energy Racer – insurance form for NV Energy.  Please print and bring with you to registration, one (1)  form per team, 1-4 signatures. (posted 2/14/17)

NV Energy Minor FormMANDATORY for NV Energy, this is a different Minor Form than the one posted below which BITD requires.  THIS FORM IS MANDATORY for any minors to fill out ahead of time, have it NOTARIZED and turn in at Mint registration.  This form will be submitted to NV Energy.  You must submit two (2) Minor forms at reg, 1) BITD, 2) NV Energy.  Thank you!  You are a minor if you are 17 years or younger in Nevada.

BITD Minor Form BOTH forms need to be NOTARIZED and bring with you to registration.  So yes, you will be turning in two (2) different Minor Forms, BOTH need to be NOTARIZED.  (1) BITD Minor form, (1) NV Energy Minor form, both notarized.

“Spectator Parking Passes are handled strictly by The Mint 400, so please do not contact BITD with parking pass/spectating questions.” Click on this link for parking passes:  http://themint400.com/spectator-parking-passes/

Entry List – This is everyone we have entered, everyone else is on a WAIT LIST.  (2/23/17)

Draw Order – Good luck to all our racers, have a great race!  (2/23/17)

Fire Extinguisher Info – Q: I was wondering how many fire extinguishers do you have to have on the back of a race car?  Answer: You have to have a minimum one 2.5lb or a fire suppression system inside the car and Minimum one 5lb outside the car.  Thank you, Darryl Putman, Best In The Desert Car Truck Technical Inspector (2/23/17)

Schedule of Events – race schedule (revised 2/17/17)

Mad Media Schedule – this is a complete list of the festivities

FIP – Final Information, rules and regulations, read all 3 pages

Dangers – there are more dangers on the course but we feel these are the most important to document

BFG Letter – BFG will be in the Main Pit, see Main Pit diagram for location

Overview – Diagram of the entire area

Main Pit – Diagram (revised 2/17/17)

Stat Finish – Diagram, Main Pit Spectator Area diagrams

NV Energy Bridge – Diagram, very sensitive area, 25 MPH, No Passing Zone (updated 2/23/17)

Pit A – Diagram

Pit B – Diagram

Directions – to Pit A and Pit B

No Support Crews – in spectator areas.  Pit Support Crews, DO NOT go into the spectator areas, you will receive a penalty for your team

Directions – to Spectator Areas

Tire Rule – do not leave your tires out on the course, you will receive a penalty

Fuel Fluid Rule – read to see how to fuel

Main Pit Parking – Instructions, you can mark Main Pit, Pit B beginning on Wed at 2 pm.  You CANNOT mark Pit A early, very limited space, 2 pit passes only.

Escort to Start – Staging and Escort Diagram

Spectator Rules – Regulations, these are BLM permitted area, you must adhere to these rules and regulations

Special Gift – Order Form, it is mandatory to send this in WITH YOUR ENTRY FORM to receive the special gifts from Mad Media and themint400.com

CT Entry Form – this form is fillable, fill it out, download it and send in with a $300 deposit.  Only entries that are sent in the mail with a paid deposit are considered legal entry’s.  Do not fax or email, without a deposit your are not considered an entry.  We will NOT hold an entry with a fax, please STOP faxing us entries!

JS Entry Forms – send in with deposit to be an entry

Sportsman Entry Forms – Class 4700 VW, Class 4500 Vintage, Class 7100, Class 8100 Spt, send in with deposit to be an entry

UTV Entry Form – send in with deposit to be an entry

All Classes 3-lap classes with the exception of:  2-Lap Classes will be Class 5500 Zero – Class 4700 VW – Class 4500 Vintage – Class 7100 Spt – Class 8100 Sportsman – download the form, fill it out completely and send in with $300 deposit.  DO NOT fax or email, we will not hold your spot with a fax.  Entry forms will be posted in January 2017.  Send in a check by Friday, Feb 24, 2017.

Information Letter – 1st Information Letter, more details, Schedule of Events will all be posted on draw day, Feb 15.

Helicopter Reg – Registration Form.  The pilot must come to the mandatory meeting at 5 pm at the Golden Nugget/Ballroon, Friday 3/11.  BITD has a NO DRONE policy.

Sunoco Fuel – Order Form

Racing Trax.com – is Satelitte Tracking, Mandatory for all vehicles, you buy the bracket and rent the unit https://racingtrax.com/

BajaPits will be pitting Main Pit, Pit A, Pit B, contact bajamary46@aol.com to sign up.  All racers can sign up with Baja Pits.  They are offering a special package to UTV including full pit service and fuel, contact Mary at 619-647-8256 (2/16/17)

Membership Form – 2017, all racers must be a member of Best In The Desert

Pit Crew – re Fueling and some general rules

Insurance Rel Form – all racers and support crews must sign insurance release forms, bring with you to registration (2017)

Volunteer Form – 2017 Form – want the best spot in the desert to watch the Mint 400, become a volunteer and help keep the race safe as well as watch some great racing!  We place volunteers in their positions at least 3 weeks early, please send it in early!  By filling out this form you are committing to a full day of helping, so plan on 5 am – 11 pm, thank you!