Enter to Race the VT Construction Tonopah “250” presented by Polaris and You Might Win a Polaris RZR XP® 4 1000

We just raised the stakes for racers entering the new VT Construction Tonopah “250” presented by Polaris off-road race to be held October 19 to 22. Thanks to Polaris, Best In The Desert will be raffling off a brand new RZR XP® 4 1000, a $20,499 value. All you have to do is be a fully paid race entry for the Tonopah “250” and you’re automatically entered for a chance to win this incredible 4 seat Sport Side x Side vehicle.

Donald Jackson, Best In The Desert’s operations manager, had this to say about the race, “The racecourse for The VT Construction Tonopah “250” presented by Polaris will offer racers some of the most awesome scenery, as well as being fun and challenging. I feel that the Tonopah “250” course may very well be the “BEST” and one of the most epic racecourses we have ever laid out! There is no question in my mind that the off-road racers who participate in the Tonopah ‘250” will be in for the off-road treat of a lifetime. With 250 miles of true long distance off-road racing at its best, this race will tax your off-road racing skills to the limit! It’s time for the excitement to start! It’s time for the fun to start! It’s time for the Tonopah “250”!”

Office Will be closed Wednesday October 18 thru Monday October 23. We will have limited access to email and phones. If you are calling to withdraw your entry please call 725-266-3877

VT Construction Tonopah “250” presented by Polaris

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The VT Construction Tonopah “250” presented by Polaris  is an epic race in Tonopah, NV in October!  Everyone loves the course in Tonopah and the race is a point to point race, one (1) 250-mile loop.  All race vehicles will be racing, Motorcycles, Quads, UTV’s, Cars and Trucks!  Welcome our new Title Sponsor, VT Construction in Las Vegas, we love you guys, and always Polaris RZR is the best!  Two great sponsors, one great race!

The BWDC has been moved for the 2017 racing season, we will not be going to Parker in October, please make all the necessary changes you need to make regarding hotel reservations made. ~ (11/1/16)

VT Construction Tonopah “250” presented by Polaris RZR will be October 19, 20, 21, 22, 2017.

Wednesday, October  4, 2017 – Draw for Start Positions, get your entry form in by the 2nd!

Thursday, October 19, 2017 – Time Trials for Trick Trucks & Class 1500, Welcome Party at the Brewery, Downtown Tonopah

Friday, October 20, 2017 – Registration, Contingency and Tech Inspection, Tonopah Station

Saturday, October 21, 2017 – Race Day

Sunday, October 22, 2017 – Awards Presentation, Tonopah Station

The draw for start positions is October 4, 2017.  To get in the draw and your name and sponsors listed in the Souvenir Event Program.  Please note, we don’t accept faxes so if you send a fax make sure to send the ORIGINAL ENTRY FORM with a $200 deposit and we will send you your race packet, we want you to have your packet, send in an original form!  We hold your packet until we get an original!  Remember to write the MAKE of your vehicle in the Make line, if you are racing a Ford they will not pay you unless you write Ford in this line, please fill out your entry forms completely, it makes our lives a lot easier here!  If you have the same people race every time print out address labels (follow the information format on the lines) and just stick them on, it’s so easy that way!

Points – Current Points table as of 10/9/17

Draw Order

Entry List – Please send revisions by Friday October 6th so we can get them in the Souvenir Program




Pit Closing


Pit Crew Release – Please have all Pit Crew sign form. BLM will be looking for armbands

Tech/Cont Layout

Off/On Load

Tire Rule – 1 Hour Penalty for flats left on course!

Powerlines – Watch for Powerlines in Pit 3

RacingTrax – Is Mandatory for all classes please register https://racingtrax.com/

1st Letter – This has been revised from the one you received in the mail. If you are in Class 6100 please go off this letter!

6100 – Results from June Vote

Car/Truck – Fillable Entry Form

MC/Quad – Fillable Entry Form

Jeepspeed – Fillable Entry Form

UTV – Entry Form

Pit Mileage – This chart will help plan your pits

Membership Form

Tonopah Hotel List

Sunoco Form

Helicopter Registration – you must fill out this registration and send it in to our office.  Also, you must attend a Mandatory Helicopter meeting on Friday at 3 pm, Location TBD.

Minor Form – anyone racing 17 years or younger must fill out this Minor Form.  This is a new Minor form and yes you need a separate minor form notarized for each race, bring this form with you to registration.  We suggest making 5-6 copies and have it notarized all at once, this will save you 5-6 trips to a notary, but again, we need one form per event.


Vegas to Reno Incident Update 9/12/17

Alex Kollitz, quad #450 and a truck collided around race mile 256 on 8/18/2017. After several weeks of being in the hospital in Reno, Alex was treated and released to return to his home in Oregon on Aug. 31st.

The Kollitz family and the truck team have been in constant communication since the accident. They are scheduling a meeting in the coming weeks to talk about the accident and come up with some solutions for the future.

The Kollitz family and the entire #450 team express Thanks to all those individuals that helped Alex. From doctors to physicians, racers to event staff, Thank You for all you have done and continue to do for their family. Your thoughts and prayers were answered and we Thank You from the Bottom of our Hearts.

Chris Carlisle, bike #352, a decorated war veteran and long-time off-road competitor, passed away shortly after his accident at race mile 290. A Celebration of Life was held on Wednesday, August 23rd. If you missed it, you can view it at : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJef09Ax3s4&app=desktop

The family has also set up a Go Fund me page. All funds will go directly to Chris’s children.


Please continue to send your thoughts and prayers to the Carlisle family and the Warrior Built Foundation. Like Chris, the Warrior Built Foundation is full of heroes who gave apart of themselves for this great country we live in.  Let’s give them the full support of the entire off-road racing community.

The Carlisle family and the Warrior Built Foundation send their deepest appreciation to all those individuals that attended to Chris and have supported them through this very difficult time.