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The BlueWater Desert Challenge is October 8-11, 2015.  It's a great two-day race in Parker, AZ.  Bring your race vehicle and your boat, because when you aren't racing you can watch great racing from your boat along the mighty Colorado River!  Make sure to attend the great GENERAL TIRE Down & Dirty Radio Show welcome party Thursday night!  Get to Parker early and play on the river, it's a great event!

Thursday, October 8, 2015 - Time Trials

Friday, October 9, 2015 - Registration, Contingency and Tech Inspection, BlueWater Resort Hotel & Casino

Saturday, Ocotber 10, 2015 - Race Day

Sunday, October 11, 2015 - Race Day and Awards Presentation 

Points Total    

TV SCHEDULE - Vegas to Reno- NBC Sports 10/23 4:00pm EST; BWDC- MavTV 11/29 12:30am EST (11/28 9:30pm PST) Henderson 250- MavTV 1/19/2015 12:30am EST (1/18 9:30pm)

Click on "Read More" to view all race docs and entry forms... 2015 race docs will be posted September 2015

Entry List - please review your entry, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to add 2-3-4 racers or to add/delete sponsors. 10/8/14

Camp Fees - at the Main Pit, updated 9/15/14

Legends Rally - our racers are invited to The Legends Rally, in Anza, October 17-19, more info on their site.

The draw for start positions is September 23, 2015.  To get in the draw and your name and sponsors listed in the Souvenir Event Program.  Please note, we don't accept faxes so if you send a fax make sure to send the ORIGINAL ENTRY FORM with a $200 deposit and we will send you your race packet, we want you to have your packet, send in an original form!  We hold your packet until we get an original!  Remember to write the MAKE of your vehicle in the Make line, if you are racing a Ford they will not pay you unless you write Ford in this line, please fill out your entry forms completely, it makes our lives a lot easier here!  If you have the same people race every time print out address labels (follow the information format on the lines) and just stick them on, it's so easy that way!

Pit Crew - Insurance Release Form.  DOR (Driver of Record) please have everyone in your pit, including Minors, sign this form.  Bring it with you to registration and we will give you pit crew arm bands.  The DOR is responsible for the behavior of your pit crew!  CRIT is requiring all pit crews to be identified by these armbands!

Helicopter Registration - you must fill out this registration and send it in to our office.  Also, you must attend a Mandatory Helicopter meeting on Friday, in the Mohave Room at the BlueWater Resort, at 3 pm.

Vendor Information - If you want to be a VENDOR you must get a Vendor / Business License from CRIT, you can call 928-669-1336, the tax & finance office. (revised number 10/1/13)

OHV Camp Fees and No Open Fires - please read this letter, great information, spectator info, fire pits must be enclosed

River Septic now has FRESH WATER, they can deliver fresh water to you for your RV’s, Swamp Coolers, Etc. $45 per 100 gallons. They also pump RV holding tanks for $25. If you would like your own Portable Restroom" delivered to your pit you can order for only $65 per unit, for the whole weekend.  Call our office ahead to schedule services at (928) 667-0021, or the driver can be reached at (928) 580-9053. 


1)  If you are entering Class 1800 for a practice lap YOU MUST use a different transponder than the one you use for your main race, you cannot use the same transponder, it will mess up the scoring program.  The scoring program will score you for the 1800 race and add that to your main race, it doesn't work, so you must use (2) different transponders.  20 starting points total, both days.

Maps and GPS Files - posted 7 days prior to the event                      

Minor Form - anyone racing 17 years or younger must fill out this Minor Form.  This is a new Minor form and yes you need a separate minor form notarized for each race, bring this form with you to registration.  We suggest making 5-6 copies and have it notarized all at once, this will save you 5-6 trips to a notary, but again, we need one form per event.

VP Racing Fuels Order Form

Parker Hotel List

Spectator Diagram - (not active) this is a great area for awesome spectating, this is where all spectators are directed to go.  You won't see any racing at the Main Pit, as it has a 25 mph speed limit in the pit; this area was designed so you will get to see some great racing!































New Media Regs 2014

Check out the new regulations for 2014 here

2014 Race Schedule


OCTOBER 10, 11, 12, 2014 – (2-day race / Race in Parker, AZ)

DECEMBER 5, 6, 7, 2014 - (Race in Henderson, NV)


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