Rule Books for All Classes

Car Truck Rule Book – 2019 Rule Book, it is over 80 pages so be careful when you print, first 33 pages General Rules/Information, then by Class.  First 33 pages will tell you everything you need to know! (as of 1/22/19)

Class 7100 Mini-Truck Challenge Championship is for (3) races only, Mint, Silver State 300, Vegas to Reno. (1/22/19)

Motorcycle Quad Rule Book – 2019 Rule Book – as of 1/22/2019

UTV Rule Book – 2019 Rule Book as of 10/29/18 – please contact Cory Sappington to ask Tech questions,  See a UTV entry form to see all classes.

Revision for Pro Turbo Class as of 2/26/19 – Polaris Turbo “Inner cooler core” (part # 1240930) can be replaced, with an aftermarket “core” but must remain a water to air type inner cooler system. Any and all aftermarket replacement inner cooler “core” must be preapproved by BITD UTV tech. The aftermarket “core” must fit in the exact same location, use stock 5/8″ diameter connections to inlet and outlet lines and mount using the OEM bolt holes. The aftermarket “core” must mount with a smooth flush top plate, similar to the OEM top plate. No modifications may be made to the Polaris OEM manifold (part # 5140096).

Class 1700 Rule Book – JeepSpeed, please contact Mike Barnett to ask Tech questions,

Class 2700 Rule Book – JeepSpeed

Class 3700 Rule Book – JeepSpeed

Class 4700 Rule Book – JeepSpeed

For Class 6000 – Trophylite Rule book visit

For Class 4400 – KOH, Ultra4 Rule book visit: