GMZ UTV WINTER NATIONALS Parker “250” presented by Polaris

Welcome Racers to the 2018 Racing Season!  The Parker “250” has a new name but same great race.  We are proud to welcome our new Title Sponsor, GMZ Race Products.  GMZ UTV Winter Nationals Parker “250” presented by Polaris is the first race of the year and we kick off with a great Motorcycle, Quad and UTV event.  Come to Parker, AZ for some sunshine and great racing and stay at the beautiful BlueWater Resort & Casino!  GMZ makes tires and wheels for UTV’s, check them out on

GMZ Payouts – GMZ is giving away an unbelievable amount of Prize Money and Polaris RZR’s, enter for your chance to win! (2017 info)

Draw Order – 2017

Entry List – Please look at your entry and make sure everything is correct, if you need to make changes email and we will make the changes.  Please get your 2-3-4 racers in by Friday, December 30.  Thank you!  (updated 1/2/17)

Spectator info – please read these rules and regulations re spectating

MOTO Racing Trax  – MCQ Instruction page for Racing Trax, the satellite system will be OPTIONAL for all Motorcycles and Quads, BITD is evaluating this unit, we think it’s a great unit and another tool we can use for your safety.  Try it out and let us know what you think, it is to TRACK you for safety reasons.  The Sports Tag TRANSPONDER is for SCORING, that is the scoring system we use.  It’s Sport Tag brand you buy that from BITD and it has a 2-year battery life on it, you can use it with BITD for 2 years.  Totally different than the tracking system.

RacingTrax – UTV Instructions for RacingTrax Satellite System

Wednesday, December 20, 2017 – Draw for Start Positions, get your entry form in by Dec 19th

Friday, January 5, 2018 – Registration, Tech Inspection and Riders/Drivers meeting, BlueWater Resort & Casino, Mohave Room.  Youth Race.

Saturday, January 6, 2018 – Race Day and GMZ Awards Presentation, UTV Short course production race.

Minor Form – all racers 17 years and younger must fill out and have NOTARIZED a Minor Form, bring (1) per each event, so if you race more than one race a year take 1-5 forms to notary with you and have five filled out at once, must be sent in individually with each race entry form, or presented at registration.

2017 membership – all people racing a BITD event must be members of Best In The Desert, $60 membership fee (Jan-Dec) (exception youth race.)

2017 Race Schedule

Vendor – Business License.  CRIT is asking that these be filled out ahead of time.  2016 License

Spectator Information – you can spectate from Shea Road or “Y” at Bourse, read document, do not go to Main Pit, Main Pit is a speed limit, you will not see any racing in Main Pit

Maps and GPS will be posted 7 days out – our policy for every race, 7 days out of each race

Camp Fees – at Main Pit

Membership Form – 2017 membership, all racers “in the race vehicle” must be members of Best In The Desert, we are our own sanctioning body, and you must belong to a sanctioning body to race!  The membership is January-December.

Minor Form – if you are 17 years or younger you must have this Minor Form Notarized.  Bring this form with you to registration.  Either the entry form, or the minor form must be notarized, but either way, you have to bring this form with you to reg.

Volunteer Form – 2017 form, get the best seat in the desert to watch the best desert racers fly by you.  We always need help so if you like to camp out, watch great racing, being a BITD volunteer is the perfect way to spend your January 9th weekend!

Vol Insurance – 2017 Release form.  Please have all the people with you sign this form and turn in with your paperwork.  We assign positions at least 2 weeks out, so please get these forms back to us by December 22, 2014.  Thank you for your offer to help.

Vendor Information – If you want to be a VENDOR you must get a Vendor / Business License from CRIT, you can call 928-669-7211, the tax & finance office.  You must also log in with George Antill at, he needs to hold space for you.