Trophy Information

TROPHY POLICY ~ our policy is to give trophies to 33% of the winners, this is standard throughout the industry. This means 1 per 3, so you need 6 to start in a class to trophy 2nd place and 9 in a class starting to trophy 3rd place. If you ever have a question whether you trophy or not please come and ask prior to the awards presentation; we don’t want you to sit through the awards presentation and not receive a trophy. If the start number is borderline (5 started or 8 started) and you are at the awards come see me and I will trophy you; but we will not send you a certificate at a later date, this is only if you are present. Also, we only trophy what is called a PODIUM FINISH, which is 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place.

We only trophy the amount of people that is on your entry form, up to three for MCQ and four maximum for CT/U. If you have a person that cannot make registration, and needs to pick up their arm band on Saturday (race day,) AND DOES NOT pick up that arm band Saturday morning, we will delete that person’s name from your entry form and you will not receive a trophy for the deleted person; no shows do not receive trophy’s. Also, if we find out a person raced without an arm band there will be a penalty, so pick up your arm bands!

If you want to order more trophies than what we give out, you can contact our trophy man and order trophies.  Contact:

Jack Froelich Trophy’s ~ 3227 E. Foothill Blvd. ~ Pasadena, CA  91107 ~ Call (626) 793-8218 to make arrangements.

We order 1stplace trophies and give trophy certificates to 2nd, 3rdplace, etc… We order trophies at least one month in advance and do not always get the number of trophies correct to corresponding winners/entry forms; that is why sometimes you may receive a trophy without a name plate on it. Just send in a self-addressed stamped envelope with name, class, place, to Jack and he will send you the correct name plate, no charge.

If you receive a trophy certificate please mail it in to Jack to redeem your trophies. If you put all your racers names on the certificate Jack will add the names to your name plate. The certificate is void after 30-days from race date! Please DO NOT send in this certificate after 30 days. Jack throws the printing plates away and it’s very difficult to make them after the 30-day expiration date. Please do not ask, he will not print trophies after 30-days! If you want to pay for your trophy’s after the 30-days you can discuss this with Jack, he may agree to make you a trophy that does not look exactly like the ones we gave out at the awards but you can order trophy’s from Jack. You must pay for these trophy’s after the 30-days we give you.

PIN PLAQUES – Jack also makes very nice pin plaques that you can put your participant pins and finisher pins on.  You can order these plaques for an additional charge from Jack but you must save the pins we give you, we don’t have extra to give to make additional plaques; we order pins to the exact number of racers.

Another reason to send us an early entry form that we can read, with total number of racers on the entry form!!!!!!! We thank you for all you do to help us make our jobs easier!

Good luck racing the 2011 “The American Off-Road Racing Series.”

For More Information Contact:

Best In The Desert Racing Association

3475 Boulder Highway, Las Vegas, NV 89121 ~ (702) 457-5775, (702) 641-2431 fax ~