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Off-Road Truck Racing

Few sports offer the adrenaline rush and thrill you’ll get from off-road truck racing with trick trucks. One of the fastest vehicles in Best In The Desert racing (rivaled only by the unlimited buggy class), trick truck racing allows competitors to experience exhilarating high speeds and white-knuckle airborne moments all in a resilient, thrilling adventure-vehicle built unlike anything else out there.

What is trick truck racing?

An unlimited class, the trick truck racing class was first introduced to the industry in 1994, offering an exciting new addition to the sport of off road truck racing. Trick truck racing is a form of high-speed off-road racing using trucks specifically designed for speed, endurance, and durability.

Off-Road Truck Racing: Trick Truck Design

Trick trucks are vehicles designed to endure grueling conditions and tough off-road terrain. Most trick trucks utilize long travel suspensions and high-power engines. Many of the trucks used in trick truck off road racing can exceed 120 miles per hour and have naturally aspirated V8 engines that generate anywhere from 700 to 850 horsepower. Trick trucks weigh in at an incredible 5,000-7,500 pounds—with a solid weight allowing the vehicle to better absorb blows.

Up front, most trick trucks use independent A-arm suspensions while featuring a three- or four-link setup with a solid rear axle in the rear. While trick trucks are always designed for speed and agility, durability is the number-one consideration—as trick truck racing can mean your vehicle sees tough terrain, extremely long courses, and trying off-road conditions.

Best In The Desert Trick Truck Racing Schedule

At Best In The Desert, we are proud to offer the industry’s leading trick truck racing schedule, with 5 exhilarating trick truck racing events offered each year. When it comes to trick truck racing, Las Vegas to Reno is one of the most popular and tough races in our American Off-Road Race series. The longest off-road race in the U.S., competitors fly through 550 miles of vast desert between the two largest cities in Nevada at speeds of over 100 mph as they compete for championship titles, product credits, cash and, of course, bragging rights in this highly popular one-day desert race.

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