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2019 General Tire Contingency

General Tire Contingency

General Tire Contingency Program

If you meet the requirements outlined below, you will receive your General Tire contingency award once the official results are posted for your series.


  • Championship – Race General Tire tires every race in the BITD series and win the championship in any class, there is a $5,000 bonus.
  • There must be a minimum of three (3) vehicles starting in your class for award payout.
  • Competitors must purchase tires to be eligible for award(s).
  • Team must start, run and finish the race with General tires on all four wheels and on the spare(s).
  • Vehicle must carry two (2) official (either all white or all black) General Tire decals – one on each side of the vehicle in the official position in accordance with the BITD rules.
  • Award(s) will be based on BITD official results.
  • Competitors must supply W-9’s prior to payout

BITD Award Payouts by Class

All Pro Non-Sponsored Classes$1,000$500$300