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Best In The Desert Media Rights Terms and Conditions Policy

Posted August 6, 2020

LAS VEGAS, NV (Aug. 6, 2020) As a reminder, Best In The Desert Media Rights, Terms, and Conditions Policy describes the policy to secure the use of media that is generated at Best In The Desert events.

The updated policy can be found at https://bitd.com/media-terms-conditions/. As the largest off-road racing series in North America, Best In The Desert organizes and presents world-class racing events that promote the sport of off-road racing while serving as a focal point for commerce within the off-road and powersports industry. In an effort to adapt to the tremendous growth in the series over the past three years, and as events receive worldwide media attention through social media and live streaming technologies, Best In The Desert seeks to remind participants, race teams, the media, and all parties of the Best In The Desert Media Rights Terms and Conditions Policy.

Best In The Desert’s goal has always been, and remains, to create a fair and level playing field for all of its partners including race teams, sponsors, and media. The Best In The Desert policy has been updated to more clearly define usage terms and conditions and provide a clearer distinction between Commercial and Non-Commercial use. The updated policy was developed using best media practices and contingencies developed as a result of recent changes in technology and media delivery systems. This policy applies to all parties, race teams, media, sponsors, and businesses connected to the series.

Any questions or clarifications regarding Best In The Desert’s Media Rights Terms and Conditions Policy can be directed to Don Fall or Scot Harden at the contact numbers below. If any media entity is unsure about the scope of their current activities or plans in connection to a Best In The Desert event, they are advised to contact Best In the Desert in advance.

Donald Fall Contact Information
Phone: (619) 742-9977
Email: donaldf@fallads.com

Scot Harden Contact Information
Phone: (951) 491-1819
Email: marketing@bitd.com

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