“Life is an Adventure. Come live your adventure with Best In The Desert!” Casey Folks

Aug 14-17
2024 Vegas to Reno
Oct 17-20
2024 Laughlin Desert Classic

About Best In The Desert

The largest off-road desert racing series In North America, Best In The Desert was founded by Casey Folks in 1984. While our community of fans, sponsors, racers, and volunteers has grown over the years, our passion for this incredible sport and our commitment to providing top-quality, safe, exciting, and affordable off-road racing events remains unwavering. With four decades of experience to our name, regular international media coverage, the trust of the U.S. BLM, and sponsorships from the industry’s top manufacturers, we are proud to enjoy recognition never before seen in the sport. The racing tradition is one that’s been passed down from our founder Casey to his sons Daryl and Bryan, the current co-owners of Best In The Desert. We remain passionate about providing organized, exhilarating, and rewarding racing events across the U.S. We are committed to growing this amazing sport and taking care of the land we enjoy and the communities who welcome us along the way.

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Industry Leaders

Trusted by racers, sponsors, fans, and public land managers—Best In The Desert is proud of the spot we’ve earned as leaders in the industry. We offer top-quality, world-class racing events—all of which are held in the U.S. with the full support of federal and local agencies—Best In The Desert is the top choice for both amateur and professional racers alike.

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Organization & Safety

Best In The Desert is committed to hosting the most organized and safest off-road racing events in the industry. We’ve implemented a number of industry-leading safety standards to ensure our racers, spectators, and volunteers remain safe—while our honed event management process ensures every race we host is seamless, streamlined, and stress-free.

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From point-to-point and long-loop events to short-course races and more, the array of off-road racing events we offer at Best In The Desert is unmatched. Whether you’re just entering into the industry, or a veteran off-road racer, we offer an event and an incredible experience for you.

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Passionate & Personal

Each of our team members is passionate about what we do—and the personal connections we make with our racers are what drives us. We’re proud to bring together an incredible community of fans, racers, sponsors, and volunteers—and we’re committed to growing this incredible sport, one unforgettable race at a time.

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Rough, Rugged & Action-Packed

Best In The Desert competitors experience every type of terrain the land offers, including vast tracts of desolate desert, beautiful mountainous regions, and the mysteries of the Old West and Nevada’s historic gold mining towns. The terrain is tough, the events are always action-packed, and the sport requires serious endurance. However, the experience is as rewarding as it gets.

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Minimizing our Impact

Our founder Casey Folks was a lifelong advocate for the sport who believed off-roaders should treat the mountains and desert they race on with the utmost respect and with an eye toward future generations. We do everything we can to mitigate our footprint, give back to local communities, and ensure the wild stays, well, wild.

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