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Racer Safety with Best In The Desert

At Best In The Desert, we pride ourselves on hosting the most organized and safest off-road racing events in the industry. Working with industry leaders and the Motorsports Safety Solutions team, we develop, implement, and follow strict safety protocols. We keep up with the latest technologies, practice safe pitting procedures, and have rescue teams fully equipped to handle any emergencies.

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Pit Safety

Best In The Desert regulates all aspects of pitting and servicing of race vehicles. From designating specific areas where pitting may occur, to enforcing speed limits within the pits, to requiring fire-proof safety gear be worn by all pit crew members while the vehicle is refueling. Best In The Desert assigns Pit Captains to manage, control, and monitor all aspects of refueling and servicing of race vehicles during competition.

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Racer Safety

Best In The Desert takes racer safety seriously. We remain the industry leader for racer safety and have one of the best track records in the sport for making sure our races are as safe as can be. From groundbreaking tracking systems that enable our competitors to warn and signal other competitors of their proximity especially in overtaking and passing situations, to creating rigid rules and regulations governing racer behavior, to an aggressive course marking protocol. Best In The Desert puts racer safety at the forefront of every decision made regarding race operations.

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Spectator Safety

Best In The Desert encourages spectators of all types to come out and watch our events. Off-Road desert racing is some of the most action packed racing in the world. We regulate and monitor spectator access points establishing minimum distances between viewing locations and the track. Our pit captains and volunteer staff direct spectators to safe viewing locations. Additional information on our events is available elsewhere on this site.

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Rescue Teams

Best In The Desert is very fortunate to be teamed with Motorsports Safety Solutions, the premier off-road racing safety organization in business today. Dave Nehrbass and his team of dedicated rescue and safety specialists work non-stop to insure proper medical support, race recovery and moral support are available at each of our events. Motorsports Safety Solutions are a major part of our racing organization.


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