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Aug 14-17
2024 Vegas to Reno
Oct 17-20
2024 Laughlin Desert Classic


Since its inception, Best In The Desert has been committed to taking great care of the land we use for our events. Our founder Casey Folks was a lifelong land-use advocate who believed off-roaders should treat the mountains and desert they race on with the utmost respect and with an eye toward future generations. We do everything we can to mitigate our footprint, give back to local communities, and ensure the wild stays, well, wild.

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Start-To-Finish Stewardship

Our stewardship of public lands begins with the race-planning process and extends through the post-race period. It encompasses route selection, the types of terrain used, consideration for native plants and animals, and pit protocols. We ensure all trash is removed from the area and are one of the largest grading companies in Nevada responsible for ensuring backcountry dirt roads and byways remain open year-round to vehicular traffic.

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Leaders in BLM Partnership

Best In The Desert is the undisputed leader in working with the BLM to secure off-road BLM permits in Arizona and Nevada and we always contain the impact of our races to the areas allotted by our off-road BLM permits. We have an impeccable track record of partnership and compliance when it comes to working with various public and private land-use entities.

Racer Responsibilities

Please be mindful of your natural surroundings so we can enjoy our incredible deserts and mountains for generations to come.

  • Racers are required to pick up all spare parts, spare wheels, and any other debris they leave behind while fixing their vehicle. Penalties will be posted for racers who leave any spare parts behind on the course.
  • Our routes are heavily marked and GPS’d and penalties are established for anyone extending past those boundaries.

Affiliated Groups

We work closely with the following groups to ensure we leave a positive impact on the local land and community:

  • BLM
  • Fish and Game
  • Air Force
  • County Agencies
  • Local Cities
  • Forest Service
  • NDOT
  • Highway Patrol
  • Hawthorne Ammunition Depot
  • Local Police Departments

Course Design

In addition to securing off-road BLM permits, we also take the following steps to minimize our disturbance to the land:

  • We rotate routes to allow the ground to rehab and repair itself after each race.
  • We use existing routes to minimize impact on the environment.
  • We do not use cross-country or virgin terrain.


To ensure paramount race safety, we’ve implemented the following pit practices:

  • Designated pit areas
  • Enforce Speed limits in Pit Areas
  • Fire extinguishers and fire suits are required while fueling at pit areas..
  • Our fueling mats have fuel-absorbent materials and a raised lip to contain overflow fuel and oil.
  • We only allow pitting in designated pre-disturbed areas.
  • We clean up trash, pick up all the broken parts and have trash cans readily available at pit areas.

Post-Race Mitigation

We’re committed to taking care of the land we adventure on. After each of our events are over, we always:

  • Remove all course markings
  • Remove any debris left from the event
  • Repair any damages incurred to fences, cattle guards, or other structures
  • Grade and return roads to pre-existing conditions
  • Go out of our way to ensure that we not only erase our footprint, but leave the area even better than we found it if possible.


We love the communities who welcome us and are honored to be able to give back to each. From hosting local fundraisers to using local suppliers and vendors, we’re committed to making a positive economic impact in rural areas across the U.S. To date, Best In The Desert has had a tremendous economic impact on rural communities like Alamo, Beatty, Caliente, Gabbs, Hawthorne, Laughlin, Mina, Parker, and Tonopah.


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