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Best In The Desert Off-Road Racing Classes

From our trick truck class to our pro motorcycle class, at Best In The Desert we offer 24 unique desert racing classes for competitors to race in along with an array of contingency programs for each class. Learn more about vehicle requirements and specific regulations for each distinct off-road racing class below.

offroad racing trick truck class

Trick Truck

Unlimited Trucks or SUVs.

offroad racing 1000 car class

Class 1000

One or two-seat open-wheeled cars. Unlimited suspension. Limited displacement engine.

offroad racing 1100 car class

Class 1100

One or two-seat open-wheeled cars. Twin beam front suspension. Limited displacement engine.

offroad racing 1500 car class

Class 1500

Unlimited one or two-seat open-wheeled cars.

offroad racing 1700 car class

Class 1700

Jeepspeed Challenge - stock class.

offroad racing 2000 car class

Class 2000

Open-wheel single & two-seat cars limited to 1600CC VW engine & VW type-1 suspension system.

offroad racing 2700 class

Class 2700

Jeepspeed Cup - intermediate class.

offroad racing 3000 class

Class 3000

Spec Engine Mini, Car, Truck or SUV Sealed Production Engines.

offroad racing 3700 class

Class 3700

Jeepspeed Outlaws - modified class.

offroad racing 4400 class

Class 4400

Ultra 4 - King of the Hammers type vehicles.

offroad racing 4700 class

Class 4700

Jeepspeed Trophy -open class.

offroad racing 5000 class

Class 5000

Unlimited Baja sedan.

offroad racing 6000 class

Class 6000

TrophyLite trucks.

offroad racing 6100 class

Class 6100

Spec Engine Trick Truck - Unlimited Truck or SUV. Sealed Ford and GM spec engine.

offroad racing 6200 class

Class 6200

Spec Engine Unlimited- one or two seat open wheel car. Sealed Ford or GM Engines.

offroad racing 7100 class

Class 7100

Sportsman Mini or Mid-sized Trucks or SUVs.

offroad racing 7200 class

Class 7200

Mini-Trick Truck Unlimited Trucks/SUV's

offroad racing 7300 class

Class 7300

Pure-Stock production Mini or Mid-size Trucks or SUVs

offroad racing 8100 class

Class 8100

Unlimited Sportsman Trucks or open-wheeled cars.

offroad racing vintage class


4 Wheel vehicles that are 1989 or older (4501-4599)

offroad racing pro turbo utv class

Pro Turbo UTV

Turbocharged production UTV. OEM stock 1000cc engine. (T800-T999)

off road racing pro production utv class

Pro Production UTV

Normally aspirated production UTV
OEM engine, 1000cc max. (1800-1999)

off road racing pro unlimited utv class

Pro Unlimited UTV

Production vehicles with modified engines 1000cc max.
Pro UTV Unlimited (2900-2950).


Normally aspirated production UTV single seat.
OEM engine, 1000cc max.

offroad racing rally utv class

Rally UTV

Vehicles classified as UTV's by BITD but not built to Pro Rules.
UTV Rally Sportsman (U900-U999)

offroad racing Sportsman UTV class

Sportsman UTV

Vehicles classified as UTV's by BITD built to Pro Rules but is not in it for points or payback.
Sportsman (2951-2999)

off road racing pro motorcycle class

Pro Motorcycle

Open Pro (N) - 399 Pro (X)
Over 30 Pro (P) - Over 40 Pro (C)
Ironman Pro (J)

off road racing motorcycle class


Open Exp/Am (300)
399 Exp/Am (200)
Over 30 Exp (500)
Over 40 Exp (700)
Over 50 Exp (800)
Ironman Exp/Am (O)
Adventure Exp (A)
Women's Exp (W)
Family Exp (F)

off road racing quad class

Pro Quad Open

Quad Pro (Q)
Exp/Am (400)
Ironman Exp/Am (600)