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Off-Road Racing

Off-road racing was an integral part of our founder Casey Folks’ life. From competing around the world to promoting and creating incredible off-road motorsport race series across the Western U.S., Casey was a champion of the sport and is largely responsible for the unprecedented success and growth it’s seen over the years. Today, Casey’s family, our passionate team of volunteers and staff, the race teams, and individual competitors continue to share the adventure of off-road competition with fans across the globe.

Best In The Desert (BITD) is now recognized as the worldwide leader in off-road racing, with an unmatched schedule that takes competitors and spectators across incredible terrain and on unforgettable adventures. Our races are top-quality, highly organized, endlessly exciting, affordable, and safe.

What is Off-Road Racing?

Off-road races consists of motorized vehicles that are specifically modified to endure tough terrain racing across natural, off-road terrain (vast deserts, mountains, sand dunes, etc.). These vehicles include trucks, motorcycles, quads, and UTVs. See the race classes of vehicles from Trophy Trucks to Sportsman classes we include in our events here including:


Who is Off-Road Racing for?

Anyone and everyone! Racers who participate in Best In The Desert events come from all walks of life and all backgrounds. We offer an inclusive environment for novices to start out in—but also offer the competition and tough terrain that veteran competitors are seeking. Desert racing is also a great option for those who come from different motorsports backgrounds (like rally car racing, for example) and who are looking for an exciting, exhilarating new competition option.

While we welcome everyone to the sport, we always encourage our racers to understand that off-road racing is tough and grueling, and that competitors should be in good physical shape and have a great pit crew.

Why Off-Road Racing?

There is nothing like the thrill and adrenaline rush you’ll get from off-road events especially when you cross the finish line with a podium finish. Whether competing as a racer or watching as a spectator, it offers an exciting way to experience the incredible terrain our country has to offer from sprawling deserts to towering mountains. Plus, our desert races always offer an inclusive, family-friendly atmosphere where top safety standards are rigorously followed to ensure a safe and enjoyable time for everyone.

See our list of events from short course race tracks to point-to-point competitions like the iconic Vegas to Reno here

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