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UTV Racing

Best In The Desert (BITD) is the premier UTV racing series in the world, with entries of around 50 or more vehicles per race. Every year, our famed UTV race series schedule offers five world-class UTV racing events for racers to compete in. Among the most popular desert races in the Best In The Desert series are the UTV World Championship and the iconic Vegas to Reno race, the longest off-road race in the U.S. where competitors fly through 550 miles of vast desert between the two largest cities in Nevada. Our schedule features both short course competitions and point-to-point races.

What is UTV Racing?

UTV racing is one of the most exciting, competitive, and approachable forms of off-road motorsport racing available today. UTV stands for Utility Task Vehicle or Utility Terrain Vehicle. UTVs are more commonly referred to as “side-by-sides,” (SXS) a term that references two people sitting aside one another, just like in a car. Some popular UTV brands include the Can-Am Maverick X3, Yamaha XTR, and the Polaris RZR which can all be improved upon with aftermarket accessories.

UTV Racing Classes

At Best In The Desert, we offer a variety of UTV classes to ensure the sport is both accessible for first-time racers and competitive for seasoned pros. When it comes to UTV racing classes for amateurs, we recommend starting out in The Stock Sportsman UTV class, as it offers shorter mileage races, the option to use a near-stock vehicle, and a reasonable entry fee. Our UTV racing classes include:

  • R900 – PRO RS1 UTV

Make sure to read our rule book as well.

Who can compete in the Best In The Desert UTV Racing Series?

UTV desert racing is an exciting, viable off-road option for both veteran racers and amateurs. Below, we break down UTV racing for each.

  • UTV Racing for Experienced Racers: UTV competitions are great for veteran racers, as they offer unbeatable sponsor support, an effective way to elevate your name in the industry, and, most importantly, an incredible level of competition, with some of the industry’s most recognized and awarded UTV racers competing in our UTV racing series. Because of its action-packed nature and increasing popularity, UTV racing also garners an incredible amount of media coverage and offers experienced racers and teams unparalleled industry exposure.


  • UTV Racing for Beginners: Our UTV series is a popular option for hobbyists and amateurs looking to break into off-road racing, as UTVs are known for their ease of handling and their ability to tackle pretty much any terrain. With its unprecedented growth and increasing popularity, UTV racing is an extremely accessible option for enthusiasts looking to try their hand at the incredible sport of off-road racing for the first time. That being said, your success in any UTV series is highly dependent on your preparation, your crew, your vehicle, and your physical endurance. So, while we always welcome and encourage any amateurs looking to break into the incredible sport of UTV competition, we also stress the importance of preparation, education, and knowing the ins-and-outs of what makes for a successful UTV race.

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