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Best In The Desert (BITD) Decision Regarding Cal City Desert Challenge Brought to You by Fox Trick Truck Class Controversy and Final Review

Posted November 12, 2021

“I’d like to start by apologizing for the delay we experienced getting our Cal City results out post-race,” stated Best In The Desert Race Operations Director Jeff Phillips. “We know how excited everyone is and we did not mean to delay the release of the results. Unfortunately, we were forced to make a tough decision on a very important rule that ultimately impacted not only the Trick Truck class win at Cal City but the 2021 Best In The Desert Trick Truck Class Series Championship. Knowing how important this decision was, we needed time to do a thorough investigation to make the appropriate call that not only meets the letter of the rule but more importantly the ‘spirit’ of the rule.”  

“The rule requiring racers to remount their spare wheels after changing them (Rule #19) was born out of a necessity to ensure our racers weren’t purposely littering the desert. The spirit of the rule is that no one should intentionally leave a wheel behind after fixing a flat tire or broken wheel. Over the course of the last 20 years and certainly since the rule has been in place, we have given numerous racers and teams leniency whenever it can be verified that due to mechanical failure, a broken or loose strap, contact with a fellow racer, or a crash that a wheel or any other part of the race vehicle comes off and is left behind. After thoroughly reviewing what transpired with the #127 Jergensen entry at Cal City we are confident that they made every effort to remount the wheel after changing it. The GPS findings corroborate this as do video and eyewitness testimony. Following is a breakdown of the facts impacting this decision.”

Race Vehicle  #127 – Kyle Jergensen – “Leaving Wheel/Tire on Race Course”

  • Suggested Rule Infraction:  BITD Rule 19 is shown on the 2021 Cal City Desert Challenge Final Information Packet (FIP) and the “Special Notice to Driver” sent numerous times during the past 15-20 years.

Rule wording: If you leave any TIRES and WHEELS out on the racecourse you will receive a MANDATORY ONE HOUR TIME PENALTY.” 

  • Investigation: BITD completed an extensive review of all available information including but not limited to: numerous verified videos, GPS-supplied locations from on-board diagnostics, “on-the-ground” investigation by BITD staff as well as numerous phone conversations with multiple teams and drivers.
  • Findings: Vehicle #127 Kyle Jergensen had a flat tire at approximately mile marker 22. After changing the wheel/tire, the #127 team proceeded back onto the racecourse. At approximately mile marker 23 the wheel/tire strap failed and the tire fell out of the tire rack. 

Determination: BITD has decided NOT TO IMPOSE A PENALTY per Rule 19 based on the findings showing the wheel/tire was not intentionally left on the racecourse.