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2020 Maxxis Triple Crown

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2020 Maxxis Triple Crown

2020 Maxxis Triple Crown


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The Best of the Best

2020 Maxxis Triple Crown – within our 2020 “American Off-Road Racing Series”. With guaranteed cash payout bonuses for Overall finishers the projected total payout for the 2020 season is well over $600,000


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2020 Tensor Tire Parker "250" presented by Polaris

2020 BlueWater Parker "425" presented by Jimco

2020 Casey Folks "Vegas to Reno"

2020 BlueWater Desert Challenge


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Following is a breakdown of the guaranteed payouts and bonus amounts for the 2020 Best In The Desert Triple Crown  events and series championships:

Overall Category Finishers for Each Event and Series Total

Unlimited Pro Cars and Trucks 1st Place: $25,000 2nd Place: $10,000 3rd Place: $5,000
Limited Pro Cars and Trucks 1st Place: $7,500 2nd Place: $2,500 3rd Place: $1,000
Pro UTVs 1st Place: $7,500 2nd Place: $2,500 3rd Place: $1,000
Pro Motorcycles and Quads 1st Place: $3,500 2nd Place: $1,000 3rd Place: $500

Class Clarifications

Unlimited Car/Truck – Trick Trucks, Class 1500

Pro Car/Truck – all classes that fall under the Professional category and receive payback (does not include the limited classes)

Pro UTVs – Turbo, Production (N/A), Unlimited, RS1

Pro Motorcycle/Quad – any class that falls under Professional category

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