General Tire “Vegas to Reno” The Long Way presented by FOX

The 2016 General Tire “Vegas to Reno” The Long Way presented by FOX, “The Longest Off-Road Race in the United States!” is the 20th Anniversary of “Vegas to Reno”.  We are celebrating our 20 years with a 2-day staged event!  The race will begin with the festivities starting in Las Vegas, McMillin Race Day 1 will go from the start line near Caliente, NV, to Tonopah and KC HiLites Race Day 2 will go from Tonopah to Reno!  Start getting ready for a spectacular, multi-day event ~ this is what you’ve been asking for; we deliver!

We are receiving word that some of the motels in Tonopah have double booked, please call your motel today to confirm your reservation.

Entry List – we have 187 Entry Forms, we have 233 Intents, please send in your entry form today to be an official entry.  If you sent in your Intent but you don’t see your name on the entry list, it’s because we need an entry form! (updated 6/22/16)

Press Release – re the Environmental Assessment

Rebuttal Letter re PEER complaint

BLM Meetings – we need your comments re the Basin Monument, please send in by June 30 to BLM, thank you for your support!  We need as strong a lobby as the environmentalists that try to stop people from enjoying our public lands.  Our permit was submitted prior to this becoming a monument and the BLM has done a professional job in handling this permit.

Television Schedule –  the Laughlin Desert Classic re-air date is June 18, see revised schedule posted 6/14/16.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016 – Draw Day for Start Positions, make sure your entry form is in to get a good start position.  You will receive your FIP (Final Information Packet) after the draw, pit book, rules, info, etc…

Wednesday, August 17, 2016 – Time Trials for Trick Trucks and Class 1500

Thursday, August 18, 2016 – Registration, Technical Inspection and Contingency, Host Hotel Aliante

Friday, August 19, 2016 – McMillin Race Day 1 – Las Vegas (Alamo) to Tonopah

Saturday, August 20, 2016 – KC HiLites Race Day 2 – Tonopah to Reno

Sunday, August 21, 2016 – Awards Presentation, Sands Regency Hotel Casino, poolside

Past Winners – see who’s won and who to beat in “The Longest Off-Road Race in the United States”

Team Ford Pole Award – see past winners of the Pole Award since 2006

1st Info Letter – general information, details, the FIP, pit book, will be out on July 28, after the draw

Intent List – race entries who have entered by 6/1/16 and will receive the General Tire gift, 212 entries.  We still need entry forms, even if you are an Intent, doesn’t mean you have sent in an entry form, about 1/2 of these have entry forms.  Send in entry form!

Mileage Chart – race mileage so you can start planning your logistics.  Pit names will be added in July when we release the Pit Support Book. Have fun planning your great adventure!  Call Diane if you need help! (Revised 6/1/16, 1 mile)

CT Entry form – this is a fillable form, type right on it, download it and send in with $300 deposit

UTV Entry Form – this is a fillable form, type right on it, download it and send in with $300 deposit

MCQ Entry Form – this is a fillable form, type right on it, download it and send in with $300 deposit

JS Entry Form – download this form, fill it out and send in with $300 deposit

2016 Hotel List – this is a complete list of hotels.  Tonopah is SOLD OUT, but you can try to see if any apartments are available for rent, phone # on list.  It will be a RV night, but to save gas you can leave in Tonopah and pick up on your way home.  5/12/16 > Food Vendor in Tonopah tba

Sands Regency –  Reno Host Hotel, Reservation Form

Awards Breakfast – Order form for breakfast on Sunday, 8/21/16

Camp Adventure – reservation form

Fact Sheet

MCQ Light – mandatory light for Motorcycle and Quad racers, hang on the back of your chest protector

Helicopter Registration – If you are having a helicopter follow you, you must fill out this reg form, email back to us and the pilot must attend the mandatory meeting with the BLM at 3 pm on Thursday, at the Aliante in the Showroom. Rule, Pilot must be a Licensed Commercial Pilot and Pilot must attend Helicopter Meeting, 3pm, Thursday 8/18, no exceptions.

Minor Form – 2016 form, if you are 17 years or younger you must fill out this form and have it notarized, bring it with you to registration on Thursday

Membership Form – 2016 Membership application, every person on or in a race vehicle needs to be a member of Best In The Desert, (BITD is the sanctioning body.)  Please ONLY send in this membership application WITH AN ENTRY FORM, please don’t send separate, or at least put your race vehicle # on it, we need to know where to apply your membership

Pit Support – contact Carlos at or 619-921-8978, to order pit support.  Baja Pits will be hosting #___ (tba) full service pits.  All vehicle, motorcycle, atv, utv classes are welcome.  Our pits are fully stocked with all Lucas Oil lubricants, fuel, welders, generators, air tools, hand tools, compressed air, spares, tubes, filters, food, water, shelter and friendly experienced mechanics and crews.  Carlos will also offer a one (1) pit fee. Pit 12 Rawhide is the remote pit and hard to get to.  For BFG pits contact Nate Hunt 864-272-3177.

Kartek is offering a Special Bonus $500 gift certificate for each race to 6 different classes; VtoR Class 6000, Class 6100.  Congratulations to all the winners of the Kartek Kash $500 Special Bonus Certificates! 

Trophy Policy – please read this so you know how many trophies we give out.  We trophy a Podium Finish, which is 1st – 2nd – 3rd Place, like the Olympics!