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Scot Harden to Leave Best In The Desert

Posted December 21, 2021

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: LAS VEGAS, NV (Dec. 21, 2021): Best In The Desert has announced that Marketing Director Scot Harden will be leaving the Association on Jan. 1, 2022. 

Scot Harden, an AMA Hall of Fame off-road desert racer himself, worked closely with Best In The Desert owners Bryan and Daryl Folks to develop marketing strategies and initiatives to drive the business forward. 

Since his hiring in November 2017, Harden helped Best In The Desert launch a new state-of-the-art website which has been steadily growing since its launch in June of 2018. Harden was also an integral part of developing a social media strategy that has complemented efforts on all the Best In The Desert platforms, including live-streaming key events on Facebook, enhancing growth and engagement. 

Scot Harden was fundamental to the success of Best In The Desert’s sponsor relationships, PR communications, and managing the event expo portion of the events, creating a comprehensive program for Best In The Desert to move forward with brands and partnerships in the future. 

One of the greatest accomplishments that Harden brought to the Association was organizing and establishing DirtVenture Magazine, The Official Magazine of Best In The Desert, in conjunction with Fall Advertising. The magazine provides detailed and examining event coverage and thought-provoking off-road racing commentary by respected names in the industry.

“I want to thank Daryl and Bryan for allowing me to be a part of the BITD organization,” stated Scot Harden. “The last four years were very challenging as we attempted to fill some very big shoes Casey left behind. We knew no single person could do that, hence the reason for bringing on more resources to grow the business. Best In The Desert is now in the best position ever to take on the challenges ahead. The team there is growing stronger every day. I will miss working with the sponsors, racers, media, and most important of all,  BITD staff. They are the true heroes of the sport of off-road racing. I will continue to be heavily involved in the off-road sport and business, focused on my own events and servicing my other clients through my consulting business Harden Offroad. I look forward to attending BITD races from time to time and watching the success that surely lies ahead. So, this isn’t really goodbye as much as it is See You Down the Trail.”

“When my brother Bryan and I sat down with Scot four years ago, we knew we had some big goals to build a marketing platform that would push Best In The Desert to the next level,” said Daryl Folks, Co-Owner of Best In The Desert. “We knew Scot, with his extensive experience, would be instrumental in changing the trajectory of marketing efforts. Not only did Scot participate in all of the race events but he would always step up to duties that perhaps weren’t in his job description. The Folks’ and the Hardens will always remain close and Bryan and I, along with everyone at Best In The Desert, down to the last volunteer, want to extend our best wishes to Scot in his future endeavors. Thank you, Scot, and see you down the trail.”

Please direct any marketing communications to Bryan Folks at bryan@bitd.com.