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Jason Voss Makes it a Three Peat

Posted August 15, 2015

Unofficially Jason Voss has taken the win at the Best in the Desert General Tire “Vegas to Reno” sponsored by FOX with a time of 8:52:32, the overall fastest time. This will make Jason Voss a three-time winner of this iconic event.

The top ten:

1. Jason Voss #1  Ford

2. Luke McMillin #83  Ford

3. BJ Baldwin #97 Chevrolet

4. Eduardo Laguna #1537  Geiser

5. Tim Herbst #4 Ford

6. Rob MacChacren #6  Ford Geiser

7. Troy Herbst #91  Ford

8. Steve Olliges #27 Ford

9. Justin Lofton #41 Ford

10. Dan McMillin #23  Ford Geiser

First Motorcycle across was Francisco Arredondo and Shane Esposito

riding a Honda. His time was 9:20.29.

For Unofficial Results Click Here updated 8-18-15